A delegation from Kosovo, representing UNDP, Kosovo government and
civil society has conducted a study tour in Rome, Italy to learn more
about how social enterprises operates in Italy, the approach used, and
the challenges they face during their day to day operations. In
addition, the delegation intended to understand better the legal
aspects regarding existing and operation of social enterprises. During
the they met individuals and representatives of organizations/entities
[?] who are actively involved with social inclusion and economic
empowerment of disadvantage people.

The feedback and “lessons learned” from the study visit will
significantly support UNDP and Kosovo government in the process of
designing the law on social entrepreneurship in Kosovo. Recently, UNDP
and Kosovo government have organized a number of meetings and
conferences to gather all relevant partners and discuss important
aspects of social entrepreneurship and possibilities for further legal
framework which would enable existing and legally operation of social
enterprises in Kosovo. In addition, UNDP has established two Social
Enterprises in municipalities of Kosovo and is planning to extend the 

The delegation met representatives of Consorzio Nausicaa during
their study visit in Italy. The delegation took part in
meetings on 22nd and 23rd October 2014 with Cooperativa Sociale Roy’s, Cooperativa Sociale Re.Ro., Cooperativa Sociale CpA. Cooperativa Sociale Apriti Sesamo.